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In the late 20th Century, the vintage trailer restoration hobby was in its infancy. Steve Hingtgen owned a 1967 Airstream Caravel and couldn't find parts.

Exchanging emails with other vintage trailer owners through the original vintage Airstream Listserv, Steve soon realized he wasn't alone. Not entirely happy with his job as a fundraising consultant to nonprofit groups, Steve saw a chance to build a business around a hobby he loved. So in January 2000, he opened an online store called

The store started with a laughably small inventory of propane tanks, Vulkem and rivets. It wasn't long, though, before AirstreamDreams became an indispensable part of the vintage travel trailer community, offering a growing list of products including many reproductions of obsolete parts that Steve developed in partnership with his customers to meet their individual needs.

In September 2005, the name of the store changed to Vintage Trailer Supply to better meet the needs of the company's growing list of customers who own and are restoring Shastas, Serro Scottys, Spartans and dozens of other brands of vintage travel trailers.

Today, Vintage Trailer Supply is the vintage trailer hobby's general store, serving thousands of customers every year and shipping internationally every day. While we've grown quickly and have learned from many mistakes, we've always put customer service first and we try to be a model of how a small online business should be run.

To keep prices low and to serve a truly international family of customers, we do not maintain a full size retail store. Instead we have a warehouse, business office and display of lifestyle merchandise at 34 Barre Street in Montpelier, Vermont. We encourage our customers to stop by and say hello if they are in the area. We are happy to sit down and talk through your needs and prepare an order on the spot. It is helpful if you call us and make an appointment so we can have staff ready to assist you.

Starting in September 2016, we will have a new distribution center in Santa Fe, NM. The distribution center is not staffed to serve customers at this time.

Our commitment to all our customers is to treat you with respect and fairness and to continue to try to meet your trailer at a time.

Steve now owns a 1956 Airstream Caravanner and a 1946 Curtis Wright Model 2. He is a member of the WBCCI, the Vintage Airstream Club and a lifetime member of the Tin Can Tourists. You can contact Steve by sending mail to

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