Pre-1969 Airstream Parts Guide

Vintage Airstream Parts By Year

Vintage Trailer Supply specializes in parts for pre-1969 Airstreams.  While we don't have every part you'll need, through the years we've put together quite a few.  And we're working on more all the time. 

This page helps you to quickly find the year-specific parts on our website that will likely work on your trailer.  Bookmark this page and check back from time to time.  Keep in mind that most parts we sell, like plumbing parts, are not specific to years or brands of trailers, so they are NOT on your year's list.  However, you may very well need the parts to complete your repair or restoration.  So think of these pages as jumping-off points rather than as comprehensive lists.

As you can imagine, there are exceptions to every rule, and Airstream was notorious for substitutions.  So please use these groupings as a guide only.  Verify your measurements on your own travel trailer. 

Finally, if you find an error or omission in our groupings, contact us immediately so we can straighten it out.

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