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  Girard GSWH-1M Tankless Water Heater
Girard Tankless Water Heater


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What is induced draft?Girard Products' new GSWH-1M tankless water heater offers a number of advantages over traditional 6- or 10-gallon tank water heaters. The most important advantage is that it provides an unlimited supply of hot water with no recovery time. In addition, Girard estimates that their water heater uses 60% less propane than a tank heater because there is no reheating of water. Water is heated only as it is used.

In addition to these primary advantages, tankless heaters can reduce the weight of your trailer because you are not carrying 50 to 90 pounds of water around in the hot water tank. If you fill up with you near your destination, this can be beneficial.

Having no tank means that winterizing is a breeze because no bypass valving is necessary. And your annual tank cleaning is a thing of the past because rust or sediment has nowhere to collect.

The Girard Products’ tankless water heater is the first induced draft water heater in the RV industry. Induced draft means that it incorporates a power blower that forces the combustion air through the heat exchanger. This new design results in a unit capable of providing:
  • CSA ApprovedHigher burner power in a smaller package
  • Higher combustion efficiency
  • Heat transfer efficiencies in excess of 90% without condensation
  • Higher wind resistance performance
The Girard water heater features a dual BTU burner. The burner automatically switches from high flame to low flame and back again as necessary to compensate for the temperature of the incoming cold water. A user can manually override to the low setting if desired, and this can be helpful if especially low water pressure is present.

The heater comes only with a 12v electronic ignition. There are no pilot lights or manual burners to light or maintain.

Using the Girard tankless heater requires changing the way you use hot and cold mixing valves in your trailer. See the video below and then refer to operating instructions, the owner's manual, and answers to FAQs at the Girard Products website. Click Here

Doors are sold separately.

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