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Airstream Other Makes Shasta

1960s Airstream Plate 1950s Airstream Nameplate Airstream Bordered SN Plate 4-7/8" high - Land Yacht - Ohio International Land Yacht - Ohio
Reproduction nameplate for 1961-1968 Airstreams. Reproduction nameplate for early Airstream trailers. Used starting in 1963 on some Airstreams. Used starting in 1963 on some Airstreams.
Airstream International Land Yacht Serial Number Airstream Serial Number Plate Airstream Overlander Nameplate Airstream Tradewind Nameplate
Used starting in 1961. Reproduction plate for some 60s Airstream. From the late 1950s. From the late 1950s.
Airstream Caravanner Nameplate Airstream Pacer Nameplate Airstream Borderless SN Plate 4-7/8" high - Land Yacht Shasta Emblem
Airstream Pacer Nameplate
Our Price: $14.99
Shasta Emblem
Price: $60.00
From the late 1950s. 1958 to 1960. Used on many 1960s Airstreams. A beautiful reproduction.
Small Airstream Serial Number Plate Los Angeles Airstream Serial Number Plate Spartan Manor Decal 1946 - 1948 Airstream Custom Nameplate
Used from 1956 to 1960 Used in the early 1950s. An exact reproduction. Used on a few 1950s Airstreams.
Wally Byam's Caravan Plate Silver Streak Trailer Club Decal 1930s Airstream Serial Number Plate Shasta Nameplate
Honor Wally and the early days of Caravanning The club is gone but the spirit lives on... Very few of these trailers remain.  A piece of history. New reproduction plate.
110/125 Volt AC Plate LP-Gas System Plate Shasta Nameplate - Columbia Shasta Nameplate - Van Nuys
LP-Gas System Plate
Price: $13.99
The details matter.  An excellent utility plate for your vintage electric. Utility plates are a vintage trailer must-have. New reproduction plate. New reproduction plate.
Shasta Nameplate - Grapevine Shasta Nameplate - Leola Norwalk Airstream Serial Number Plate Bambi Chrome Emblem
Bambi Emblem
Price: $14.99
New reproduction plate. New reproduction plate. Used in the early 1950s. Bambi Emblem
Shasta Nameplate - Battle Ground, WA
New reproduction plate.
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