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20 Gallon Fresh Water Holding Tank 32 Gallon Fresh Water Holding Tank 31 Gallon Tank Airstream Above Floor Fresh Water Tank (1960's)
20 gallons. Excellent size for most vintage trailers. 20 gallons. Excellent size for most vintage trailers. 31 gallons. Ample fresh water storage.

28 gallons. Great tank for 1960's Airstreams

15 Gallon Tank Airstream 30 Gallon Flat Water Tank (1968-71) Airstream Fresh Water Tank (1970-75) Gray Tank 5" Chassis Frame
Most common tank in Shastas and others.

30 gallons. Unique flat tank with baffles.

45 gallons. Fits many 1970-75 Airstreams.

21 gallons. Less than 5" thick.
19 Gallon Cut Corner Tank Gray Water Tank 50" Portable Gray Tank, 10 Gallon Low Profile Portable Gray Tank, 15 Gallon Low Profile
21 gallons. Less than 5" thick. 16 gallons. Less than 4" thick! Compact unit for convenient storage. A lot of gray storage in a very low profile unit.
Pie Slice Black Tank Black Tank for 1969 Airstream Caravels Airstream Black Water Tank (1974-75) Airstream Black Tank
Black tank for hard-to-fit corners. A black tank for your Caravel!

Black tank for 1974-75 Airstreams

Fittings are pre-installed.

Corner Black Tank Black Tank Fill Hose to Tank Adapter 1/2" MPT Adapter
11+ gallons. Ideal for rear corners in Airstreams. Compact size fits many vintage trailers. For fresh water fill hook up. Connect PVC hose to your tank.
1/2" MPT Adapter Flexible Tank Wand Gray Flushing Hose Short Hose for Tank Wand
Tubing Adapter to 3/8" MPT
Starting At: $0.99
Gray Water Hose 15'
Price: $11.99
Short Hose for Tank Wands
Our Price: $12.99
Connect PVC hose to any 3/8" threaded opoening. Keep your holding tank clean. Use a designated hose. Convenient kit for hooking a wand up inside.
Plug 1-1/2 MPT ABS 1/2" MPT Plug Drain Valve 3/8" MPT or 1/2" MPT 1/2" FPT Cap
Plug 1-1/2 MPT
Price: $1.49
1/2" MPT Plug
Price: $0.99
Tank Drain Valve
Price: $4.99
1/2" FPT Cap
Price: $2.49
Great cleanout plug for any tank. Used with fresh water tanks. Easy drain valve option for fresh water tanks. Easily cap off a 1/2" MPT fittings.
58-1/4" x 14" x 12" Fresh Water Tank
42 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
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