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Hehr Standard Glass Seal Hehr Standard Backframe Gasket Hehr Bulb Seal Hallmark 12 Glazing Strip
Hehr Standard Glass Seal
Starting At: $14.99
Hehr Window Bulb Seal
Starting at: $27.99
Used on many brands of trailers in the 1950s. Cushions the window as it closes. For Hehr Clear-View and Hall-Mark 12 windows, Airstreams from 1958-65. Used on early- to mid-1960s on Airstreams and other brands.
Hehr Clear-View Window Strip Jalousie Window Seal Butyl Glazing Tape Jalousie Glass Retainer Discs
Jalousie Window Bottom Seal
Our Price: $1.18 / Foot
Glazing Tape (50' Reel)
Our Price: $7.95
Used on trailer windows in the late 1950s to early 1960s. Get a tight seal on your jalousie (louvered) windows. Perfect size for Hehr windows. For holding glass in place in Hehr jalousie windows
1966-68 Airstream Window Seal Airstream Screen Door Seal Jalousie Bulb Seal (10' Pkg) Jalousie Bulb Seal (10' Pkg)
Airstream Screen Door Seal
Price: $7.99 / 27' Roll
Easy installation and a watertight seal. Foam weather seal. For louvered window frames. For louvered window frames.
Jalousie Header Seal Jalousie Clear Seal Jalousie Pile Jalousie J-Seal
Jalousie Window Glass Seal
Our Price: $0.47 / Foot
Jalousie J-Seal
Starting at: $9.99
Keeps the rain out of your jalousies. Stops the draft on jalousie windows. For the sides of Hehr jalousie windows. For 1960s and 1970s framed jalousie windows.
Mobile Scout Triangular Window Gasket 1969-1993 Airstream Window and Door Seal 1965+ Airstream Window & Door Seal 8 FT Remnant Small Self-Locking Gasket
Triangular Window Gasket
Our Price: $5.99 / Foot
Allows for any shaped glass to be installed in your door. Very common seal on 1966 and later Airstreams. 8, 10 and 15 foot remnants of a very common seal on 1966 and later Airstreams. Can be used to install glass in vintage trailer doors.
L-Bulb Window Seal Air-O-Lite Gasket Spartanette Rear Window Gasket Butyl Putty Tape
L-Bulb Window Seal
Our Price: $1.97 / Foot
Air-O-Lite Window Gasket
Our Price: $1.99 / Foot
Spartanette Rear Window Gasket
Starting At: $29.99 / 15' Pkg
3/4" Butyl Putty Tape
Our Price: $6.80
Rare early 50s gasket. A rare 1940s window gasket. For many early Spartanette back windows. Modern version of the classic putty tape used for decades.
Airstream Motorhome Window Channel Gasket Installation Hook Tool Airstream Motorhome Window Pile Window Screen Spline
Window Screen Spline 5/32"
Our Price: $3.99 / 25-Foot
Perfect fit for sliding windows in Classic motorhomes. Unlocks locking gaskets and general gasket work. This weatherstrip fits between the windows on many Classic motorhome windows. Airstream Screen Spline
1950s Keene Window Glazing Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 5 fl. oz tube Small U Gasket Phillips Jalousie Side Seal
1950s Keene Window Glazing
Price: $1.59 / Foot
Small U Gasket
Starting at: $7.99
Phillips Jalousie Side Seal
Price: $0.89 / Foot
For Yellowstone and other trailers with Keene windows.
Great for applying rubber weatherstrips. A very small glazing gasket for 1/8" channels. Weatherstrip for where glass meets frame sides.
Hingeless Baggage Door Frame Gasket Woodlin Window Seal 1970 Airstream Window Glazing Strip Polyshim II Butyl Tape
Hingeless Baggage Door Seal
Price: $0.99 / foot
Woodlin Window Seal
Our Price: $0.99 / Foot
Polyshim II Butyl Tape
Starting At: $19.00 / Roll
Small bulb seal for 3/16" track. Seal for early Avion radius corner windows. For re-glazing 1970 Airstreams. Repair early 70s Vista View windows with metal snap ring and interior plastic pane.
Hehr Hallmark 17 Side & Bottom Closing Seal Hehr 4900 Jalousie Seal Narrow D Seal Wide D Seal
Hehr 4900 Jalousie Seal
Price: $1.29 / foot
Narrow D Seal - 10'
Price: $4.99 / 10' Pkg
Wide D Seal - 20'
Price: $11.99 / 20' Pkg
Common on Scotty and other canned hams. Y-shaped seal used in 1970s. A small D seal for a variety of applications. Great all around weather strip for many applications.
Locking Strip Installation Tool 1954-1958 Spartan Front Plexiglas Gasket 1946-1953 Spartan Front Window Gasket Palace Window Gasket
Palace Window Gasket
Starting At: $53.25 / 25-Feet
Use to install locking strip style gaskets. Essential part for replacing plastic front windows. Locking gasket allows for plastic window replacement. For restoring rare 1940s Palace trailers.
Rubber U-Gasket 1966-68 Airstream Fixed Window Glazing Jalousie Double Header & Sill Seal (10' Pkg) Medium D Seal
Rubber U-Gasket
Starting at: $19.99
Medium D Seal - 16'
Price: $9.99 / 16' Pkg
Good for a variety of window applications. Fix those leaks in your lower windows. Keeps the rain out of your jalousies. Seal fits 1963 Airstream main doors.
Airstream Motorhome Window Trim Seal Phillips Jalousie Side and Top Seal Vinyl J Seal 1950's Marvel Window Gasket
Vinyl J Seal
Price: $17.99
1950's Marvel Window Gasket
Price: $3.99 / Foot
For Airstream or Argosy Motorhomes A small bulb seal for some jalousie windows. Used on Bolers and other trailers. Marvel Window Gasket
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