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Keeler Lock - Reconditioned Polished Chrome Entrance Lock Canned Ham Door Latch L-77 L-66 Lock Cylinder
Canned Ham Door Latch
Our Price: $17.99
Reconditioned KBC locks are available for a limited time. Hard-to-find shape and finish. Used on 1960s Shasta trailers and many others. Save your original L-77 lock!
Vintage Trailer Lock Key Blank for VTS L-66/L-77 Cylinder Trailer L-Handle Keeler Latchbolt
Locking L-Handle
Our Price: $12.99
Latchbolt for Keeler Lock
Our Price: $24.50
Replacement lock for most mid-60s Airstreams. Get extra blanks for your VTS cylinder or lock. For mid-60s Shastas and others. Great for steel chassis restoration.
Bargman Key Blank (Old Hurd Cylinders) Bargman H20-2 Handle Bargman H20-2 Spring Decker 1042 Lock
Bargman H20-2 Spring
Our Price: $9.95
Decker 1042 Lockset
Our Price: $59.99
Make backup keys now before it is too late. A quality and beautiful reproduction. Restore the operation of your H20-2. Used on many pop-up tent trailers.
Bargman L-66 Trailer Entrance Door Knob Extra Long Lachbolt RV Deadbolt
Our Price: $22.75
Now obsolete horizontal mounting entry door lock. Won't rust.  Great for older trailers with simple knob lockset. Used in late 1960s on Airstreams and Avions Add a safe and secure lock to your vintage trailer.
H20-2 Cylinder & Keys Bargman Key Blank (1969-76) Bargman Key Blank (1977 - Present) Strike Plate
Bargman Key Blank (1969-76)
Our Price: $1.49 each
Bargman Key Blank (1977-2010)
Our Price: $1.49 each
Strike Plate
Our Price: $1.24
Very hard-to-find cylinder for 1950s trailer locks. For some 1970s Bargman locksets. For newer Bargman locksets. Works with many entrance door locks.
Plastic Strike Pocket L-66 Latchbolt Decker 1040-B Lock Lock Cam
Plastic Striker Pocket
Our Price: $10.99
L-66 Latchbolt
Our Price: $19.49
Decker 1040-B Lock
Price: $65.99
Lock Cam
Price: $3.99
Late 1960s Airstreams. Premium replacement part for this common lock. Flush mount lock for vintage trailers.

Cam Locks
L-300 Lock Reconditioned Keeler Lock Exterior Handle Reproduction Custom Airstream Deadbolt 1969-71 Airstream Striker Plate
Custom Deadbolt
Price: $56.34
Professionally restored locksets are available for a limited time. The most requested part for KBC locks. Add a safe and secure lock to your vintage trailer. Replacement Striker for your 1969-71 Airstream!
Bargman H20-2 Interior Handle
Used on Spartans and other 1950s trailers.
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