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We have barkcloth, quilting weight and coated fabrics by the yard. They're all new and vintage-inspired.

In most cases, fabrics are limited run and we are limited to our current stock.

S'More Love Fabric Trailer Travel Fabric Route 66 Map Fabric (Cream and Colored) Camping Scenic Fabric
S'More Love Fabric
Our Price: $12.00 / Yard
Trailer Travel Fabric
Per Yard: $10.90
Camping Scenic Fabric
Per Yard: $11.00
Cutest Trailer Fabric Around! 1950's Inspired Trailer Travel Fabric Light and Bright Cotton Map Fabric For the camping lover in all of us
Pink Trailers Fabric Camping Fabric in Sky Blue Tossed Campers Fabric Pink Mini Campers Fabric
Pink Trailers Fabric
Per Yard: $10.70
Whimsical Vintage Trailer Print Fabric Make your own cute pillows or curtains! Pretty up your trailer with fun fabrics! Add personality to your trailer!
Black Vintage Campers Fabric Pink Vintage Campers Fabric Green Camper Fabric River Rally Poplin Fabric
Green Camper Fabric
Price: $11.00
Striking fabric for your trailer! Make your trailer pretty in pink! Gorgeous green fabric for your trailer! Beautiful organic cotton fabric!
Vintage Camper Fabric Multi Trailer Fabric by Paige Bridges Summer Camping Trailers Fabric by Paige Bridges Camping in Nature Fabric by Paige Bridges
These muted colors will blend with any decor! This lively print is sure to brighten your trailer or home! Bring the outdoors inside! Rustic scenes in the great outdoors!
Vintage Trailer Memories Fabric by Paige Bridges Winter Camping Fabric by Paige Bridges
A nostalgic print depicting cars and vintage trailers of bygone years! Winter wonderland fabric!
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