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Sidewall Exhaust Fan Midget Vent Louvered Vent 20" X 8" Louvered Access Door 23-5/8" x 15-1/8"
Sidewall Exhaust Fan
Our Price: $59.99
Closest available replacement for 1950s style exhaust fan. Small and inconspicuous. Small Louvered Vent Refrigerator Access Door
Aluminum Pop Up Vent Large Vented Compartment Door Small Vented Compartment Door Louvered Vent 23.1" x 12.9"
Small aluminum vent with built-in screen Great for venting refrigerators or other appliances. Great for venting refrigerators or other appliances. Refrigerator Vent
Louvered Access Door 20-11/16" x 11-1/8" Louvered Aluminum Vent Plate Louvered Service Vent
Lower Side Vent

Provide fixed ventilation for refrigerators or other appliances.

Add louvers to your trailer.
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