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Suburban NT Furnace Suburban Direct Discharge Furnace - NT-20SE RV Thermostat 4" Round Register
Suburban NT Furnaces
Starting At: $625.73
RV Heat-Only Thermostat
Our Price: $19.99
4" Round Register
Price: $8.99

An ideal replacement for obsolete ducted furnaces.

Suburban Direct Discharge Furnace - NT-20SE Ideal for Atwood or Suburban furnaces. For ducted heaters and air conditioners.
Brass Flare Swivel Elbow Extension Vent Kit for Atwood Hydroflame Furnaces Suburban NT Rectangular Duct Adapter Kit Duct Collar - 4"
Duct Collar - 4"
Price: $5.99
Make your catalytic heater installation easier. Optional kit for deep cabinet installations. This kit is needed if you are using the bottom rectangular duct on a Suburban NT furnace. Essential for connecting round ducting to Suburban furnaces.
Mud Dauber Screen for Hydroflame Furnaces Mud Dauber Screen for Suburban and Duotherm Furnaces
Keep those bugs out. Keep those bugs out.
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