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Winegard Rayzar Amplified Antenna Winegard Rayzar Air Amplified HD Antenna Winegard Rayzar Air Retrofit HD Antenna Black Furrion TV Inlet  Plastic
Portable HD antenna with advanced low noise amplifier for twice the range. Rayzar Air Antenna Rayzar Air Retrofit Kit Great way to connect a portable satellite dish.
Furrion Cable TV Miniature Inlet 102 Inch Stainless Whip Antenna CB Antenna Ball Mount Anti-Interference TV Cable
102" Whip Antenna
Price: $27.00
Furrion SignalSmart TV Cable
Starting at: $29.99
2" version of a coax inlet. Fits our ball mount and spring perfectly. Best quality CB mount available. Anti-interference TV cable for portable satellite or campground television service.
UHF Cap and Chain Coax Thru Plate Cable Outlet UHF Double Female Bulkhead Connector
UHF Cap and Chain
Our Price: $4.89
Coax Thru Plate
Price: $8.99
Cable Outlet
Our Price: $3.96
Chrome plated brass cable cap for full size UHF connection.  Does not fit mini UHF. Make an easy weatherproof cable connection. Watertight cable passage. Pass a cable through a trailer wall.
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