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Countertop Moulding - 13/16" Satin Counter Edge Moulding - 3/4" Grooved Countertop Edge Moulding - 3/4" Polished Cove Moulding - Large
Cove Moulding - Medium
Our Price: $19.07

For an easy vintage counter look.

For an easy vintage counter look.

Vintage countertop trim.

Finished floor edges and many other uses.
Cove Moulding - Small Bulkhead Moulding Cove Moulding - 1"
Cove Moulding - Small
Our Price: $16.39
Cove Moulding - 1"
Price: $24.00
For wall/counter joints and more! Perfect extrusion for attaching walls inside your trailer. Must be ordered with any of our 6-foot or 8-foot extruded aluminum products.

Largest of our aluminum cove mouldings.

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