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Hehr Standard Backframe Gasket Baggage Compartment Handle Metal Spring Latch Baggage Door Lock - Old Style
Cushions the window as it closes. Perfect for 50s Airstream restoration. An inexpensive repair for many trailers. Used on many 1950s Airstreams.
Baggage Door Lock - Cam Style Hingeless Baggage Door Frame Gasket Hingeless Baggage Door Frame Extrusion 3-Point Cam Lock
Hingeless Baggage Door Seal
Price: $0.99 / foot
3-Point Cam Lock
Price: $34.99
An easy do-it-yourself repair. Small bulb seal for 3/16" track. Make a baggage compartment door for late 1960s Airstreams. Secures wide baggage compartment doors.
Baggage Door Pop Lock Small Locking T-Handle

For early 1970s Airstreams

Works well with our 3-point locking cam latch.
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