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Olympic Riveting Kit City Water Intake Air Conditioner Drain Kit Aluminum Drip Moulding
5/32" Olympic Riveting Kit
Great Kit Price: $273.21
Everything you need to install 5/32" Olympic shave head rivets. For city water pressure. Air Conditioner Dual Cup System Quality extruded gutter helps keep water out of windows.
TremPro 635 TremPro 644 RTV Silicone Gray Aluminum Shasta Angled Window 1966-68 Airstream Fixed Window Glazing
Shasta Angled Window
Price: $160.00
Modern version of Vulkem in both Gray and White!
Available in black or aluminum colors. Similar to vintage Shastas but doesn't leak. Fix those leaks in your lower windows.
J Rail for Roof Edge Gutters
As seen on Shastas and other canned hams.
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