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Shasta Angled Window Hehr Fixed Window
Shasta Angled Window
Price: $160.00
Hehr Fixed Window
Price: $149.99
Similar to vintage Shastas but doesn't leak. 22" x 20" aluminum frame window great for many trailers.

Vintage Trailer Windows

Maintaining vintage trailers and RVs requires strong attention to detail, understanding that the quality lies not within a single color or shape but within all the little things that truly create the overall aesthetic. Onlookers may not notice the individual parts, but they will notice when something doesn’t fit or lacks authenticity. This attention to detail is incredibly relevant when it comes to windows. Only certain vintage camper window replacement parts fit with specific vintage models, so it is necessary to find authentic pieces.

Repair and replacement parts for vintage trailer windows, including brands like Hehr, Woodlin, Airstream and Marvel, are often pricey and difficult to find. Our selection of products for vintage trailer window replacement and repair spans from the window itself to the smaller necessary items, like gaskets, screens, frames, rock guards, knobs and operators. These authentic parts still yield modern results, ensuring windows are secure and functioning perfectly.

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