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1950s Keene Window Glazing

Vintage Trailer Supply

1950s Keene Window Glazing

Product Code: VTS-250


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We developed this premium silicone seal for 1950s O.S. Keene Machince Co or Keene Mach Mfg awning style windows to glaze the operable sash. It has an S-profile that allows aluminum to be inserted in one part of the S and the glass in the other.

Used on 1954-57 Yellowstone, 1957 Avion, 1957-58 Va-Ka-Shun-ette, 1959 Trotwood, 1961 Avion and other trailers. Let us know if your trailer has these windows and we'll add it to our list.

The easiest way to install this glazing seal is wrap it around the aluminum opening first.  You will need a lubricant like soapy water, and a pointed or flat tool like our VTS-119 Gasket Installation Hook Tool to work the glass into the second rubber channel in the seal.  We have found that it is easiest to remove the front sash from the hinge before you attempt this project so that you can do it on a bench rather than while the windows are still on the trailer.

While no adhesive is necessary, if you would like to use any adhesive, you should use a black or clear silicone because it is compatible with the silicone rubber.

Description Above Price
  • Made from premium silicone rubber.
  • Will not shrink or crack over time.