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1965 Airstream Taillight Housing Set (SHOWROOM DISPLAY)

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1965 Airstream Taillight Housing Set (SHOWROOM DISPLAY)

Product Code: VTX-748


We have available one set of our 1965 taillight housings that were used as a showroom display so we are offering them at a $30 discount. They are perfect except we adhered round reflectors to them in the shallow recesses designed for the reflectors. They are adhered with the double sided tape that is standard on the back of the reflectors.  You should remove the reflectors before priming and painting.  You can then reuse the reflectors using new double sided tape, or buy new reflectors with tape already attached to them.


If you have a 1965 Airstream, your ABS plastic taillight housings are probably broken. Broken taillight housings are not just ugly...they leak.

To restore your trailer and make it water tight again, you will need to replace them. We've created the perfect reproduction, but this time in 1/8" thick polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is far superior to ABS in this application because it doesn't crack when drilled. Polycarbonate can be roughly handled with no problems at all.

You receive a set of one left and one right. Left and right are mirror images of each other. They are not identical.

Installation Note: The housings are inserted from inside the trailer and riveted in place on the outer skin of the trailer. To install, you must remove the interior wall. When you remove your old housings, you will probably find a sheet of aluminum that was riveted behind the housing. That sheet of aluminum does not come with these, but you can reuse yours. Buck riveting your new housings in place requires a bit of care. Buck rivets expand in their holes while being installed. This creates intense pressure working to expand the hole in the plastic housing. That pressure can result in cracks over time. We recommend slightly oversizing the holes in the plastic. Instead of a #21 bit with 5/32" rivets, we recommend using a #18 bit or 11/64" if necessary. You will want to maintain the #21 size holes in the exterior skin and the backing sheet.

Prep Note: The housings are made of white polycarbonate plastic material. Our picture shows them primed, but they will arrive to you unprimed and unpainted. You will need to prime them and then paint them using a suitable plastic paint. An economical and simple way to paint them is by using Rust-Oleum 249088 gray color spray plastic primer and then top coating with a silver spray paint of the same brand. Alternatively, some customers choose to paint them with a two-part automotive paint for a more durable finish.

The red taillights VTS-713 and reflectors VTS-332 are available separately, although your old originals will fit.

Please note that our reproductions are made to exacting standards starting with a 3D model that accounts for the lights that are available today. In addition, we will warranty them against cracks for as long as you own you trailer. Contact us for additional details.