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303 Aerospace Protectant - 16oz Trigger Spray
303 Aerospace Protectant
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303 Products is the leading manufacturer of UV screening products for autos, boats and RVs. 303 Aerospace Protectant is the company's flagship product.

Promoted as "SPF 40 SUNSCREEN For Your Stuff," 303 Aerospace Protectant was originally developed for aerospace and aviation applications. It is widely endorsed by product manufacturers like Fan-Tastic and Sunbrella/Dickson as a highly effective UV screening product.

Unlike other "protectant" products, 303 does not contain silicone oils, waxes, glycerin or petroleum distillates. 303 leaves a like-new, non-oily, anti-static finish that does not attract dust. Treated surfaces also stay cleaner longer, reducing maintenance.

Interior/Exterior: Vinyl & leather interiors, plastic bumpers, fender flares, trim and lenses, car bras, tonneau covers, vinyl soft tops & plastic windows, chrome and alloy wheels. Spray on, wipe dry.

Synthetic & Natural Rubber: for inflatable boats, wet/dry suits, tires, door & trunk seals and under-the-hood rubber. Spray on, wait 5 min. & wipe dry.

RV EPDM Rubber Roofing: Clean surface. Spray on mop. Apply to 3x3 foot area. Wipe dry. For your safety, never walk on wet roof.

Fiberglass: RV's, boats, truck caps. Out of direct sun, spray surface with 303 and wipe completely dry. If streaking occurs, too much product has been used. Use a wet towel to remove excess, immediately wipe dry.

Motorcycles/ATV's/Snowmobiles, PWC's: Spray on wipe dry & polish to a high gloss. Also for gear... helmets, visors, goggles. Repels dirt, insects, snow ice and road grime.

Household: Patio furniture, spa and pool covers, vinyl liners & pool inflatables. Not for unfinished leathers (such as suede), fabrics (canvas) or floors.

Spray on, wetting the surface with 303. Wipe COMPLETELY dry. Turn cloth over to a dry area (or use a second clean, dry, absorbent cloth) and polish to remove any and all excess. Following these simple instructions.getting the surface wet (not just damp) with 303, then wiping COMPLETELY dry.will give you a beautiful, like-new finish that repels soiling and stains and LASTS LONGER.

303 Aerospace Protectant is non-toxic and non-flammable, but keep out of the reach of children.

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