303 High Tech Fabric Guard - 16 oz

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303 High Tech Fabric Guard - 16 oz

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Our vintage awnings use premium acrylic fabrics made by Glen Raven Mills marketed under the name Sunbrella and Dickson (same type of fabric, just different colors and target markets).

Glen Raven treats the fabric at the mill to be highly water repellent. Over time and with repeated cleanings, the fabric loses its water repellency and must be retreated.303 High Tech Fabric Guard is recommended by Glen Raven Mills for regular maintenance of the fabric at least once every five years.

Powerful enough to protect fabrics in harsh environments, yet safe for the finest fabrics, wool, silk, and fine leathers - including suede. On outdoor fabrics, 303 High Tech Fabric Guard restores lost water repellency and stain repellency to factory new levels. 303 High Tech Fabric Guard resists soiling, impedes mildew formation and helps protect against the sun's harmful UV rays.

From the Label Instructions:

Before using 303 High Tech Fabric Guard (HTFG): Use only on cleaned material. Follow manufacturer directions to remove all soiling, stains, soap or other cleaning agent residue.

Test for Colorfastness: Spray a hidden area with 303 HTFG. Wipe the sprayed area with a white absorbent cloth. If any color rubs off, do not use. 303 HTFG will not change the look, feel or breathability of treated fabric. Non-toxic and odorless when dry.

Directions: Material should be cleaned and dry. Spray until evenly wet, overlapping spray areas. Allow treated fabric to dry thoroughly before use. Protect adjacent areas from over spray. Immediately wipe up any over spray before it dries. Note: 303 HTFG can be applied with an approved solvent type sprayer, brush or roller.

Canvas, convertible tops: Make sure not to get over spray on floors, glass, paint, or clear vinyl. Best results on hot day, full sun. Protect from rain/dew until dry. After drying, test by misting treated fabric with water. An area where water doesn't bead either has not dried sufficiently or needs more 303 HTFG.

Dry time: 4 to 72 hours depending on temperature, humidity and wind.

Coverage area: 75-100 sq. ft. per every 16 oz bottle.