7-Pin Trailer Connector

7-Pin Trailer Connector

Product Code: VTS-590


This 7-way round pin heavy duty plug is used on the connecting cable between the tow vehicle and the trailer. It fits in many original 1970s Airstream trailer-end receptacles. If you have the round 7-pin receptacle on the front of your trailer (near your propane tanks), it is likely you need this.  You attach ithis connector to the raw end of a cord like our VTS-819 to create a fully detachable "umbilical cord" between your trailer and truck.

The top pin has a slightly larger diameter than the others. The connector is made of black glass-filled nylon.

We highly recommend purchasing our optional VTS-792 rubber boot to help weatherproof the connection with your cable. It goes on the threaded part of the 7-pin connector.  

If you need a new trailer-side receptacle, you will purchase our VTS-565 socket.  In fact, installing a detachable cord system is a great addition to any travel trailer because it protects the cord from weathering when not in use.  And if it gets damaged on the road, it is easy to replace.