7-Way Extreme Trailer Cable


7-Way Extreme Trailer Cable

Product Code: VTS-260



Regular 7-way connectors perform well in most weather conditions, but if you use your trailer in the winter you'll notice that the black cords get stiff the plug can pull loose from the tow vehicle. If you've noticed that problem yourself, or if you plan to occasionally tow through freezing conditions, we recommend you use this special cable. The heavy duty blue silicone rubber insulation on the cable stays soft and pliable at very cold temperatures. In fact, the cable is rated to -67°F.

In addition to the special jacket, the 7 primary wires are all the heaviest gauges available. Heavy gauge wire is important because it reduces problems associated with voltage loss.

  • Black (brake), White (ground) and Red (battery) are 10 gauge
  • Brown (tail), Blue (backup), Green (right) and Yellow (left) are all 14 gauge

Contacts are self-cleaning and the the plug is molded to encapsulate terminals and wires to form one weather-resistant, non-corrosive assembly.

The molded connector can be used with thermoplastic or metal 7-way car end connectors.

Cable is 8 feet long and be cut shorter as necessary.