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We sell only premium aluminum LPG tanks. Aluminum cylinders are attractive, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making them the best type of propane cylinder for all RV, boating and home use.

All our tanks feature the following:

  • Engineered design for lightweight strength
  • Durable construction with smooth, sleek mill finish*
  • Rust-free and corrosion resistant
  • Comfortable hand-hold in the collar for easier lifting
  • Interiors that are clean, dry and scale free
  • All sizes are equipped with an Overfill Protection Device
  • Manufactured to Department of Transportation specifications

Aluminum Propane Tanks

*Polishing tanks can be done by professionals. Please contact us for a referral.

40# Vertical Aluminum Tank 30# Vertical Aluminum Tank 20# Vertical Aluminum Tank 10 Lb Vertical Aluminum Tank
Larger size for serious boondocking.  Available with gauges, too. Best all-around size for most travel trailers.  Available with gauges, too. A great size tank for many smaller travel trailers. Our shortest vertical tank at just 16.5" tall.
6# Vertical Aluminum Tank 40 Lb Horizontal Aluminum Tank 30 Lb. (7.1 Gallon) Horizontal Aluminum LP Tank 20# Horizontal Aluminum Tank
Our slimmest LP tank at just 6.5" in diameter. Same dimensions as the 40# vertical, but designed for horizontal mounting. Same dimensions as the 30# vertical, but designed for horizontal mounting. Same dimensions as the 20# vertical, but designed for horizontal mounting.
10 Lb Horizontal Aluminum Tank Propane Tank Gauge Dial
Same dimensions as the 10# vertical, but designed for horizontal mounting. Option for all our vertical tanks with gauges.
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