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Sea Tech Installation

Sea Tech Connection GuideTubing Support

Tubing should be supported at a minimum of 36 to prevent excessive load to the connectors. Do not install tubing supports closer than 3 inches from the connector ends. Sea Tech pipe clips are an excellent way to support the tubing.


The polysulfone material in Sea Tech products can be compromised by exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and caustic chemicals. Therefore, DO NOT expose the products to any such chemical or foreign substance, which would include exposure to the following products: pipe dopes (liquid thread sealants), leak check compounds, bug sprays, lubricants, cleaners, paints, bleaches, acids, solder fluxes, plastic piping primers and cements, oxidizing agents, alkaline solutions, thinners, fuels, oil based caulk, hydrocarbons, spray foam or foaming agents ( i.e. insulation).

Teflon tape is acceptable and can be used for threaded connections.

Failure to follow these instructions will void the warranty and possibly result in leaks and water damage.

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