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BLEM 10-1/2" Dome Hubcap
BLEM 10-1/2" Dome Hubcap
Wheel shown for context only.

Will fit our 6-bolt wheels with
some effort. See notes below.

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Product Code: VTX-496

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We have a selection of reduced price hubcaps at 25% to 50% off. The regular price of these hubcaps is $19.99 each. The hubcaps which are 25% off (now just $14.99) have just very minor/light scuffs or scratches that are only noticeable at close range. The hubcaps which are 50% (now just $9.99) have more substantial damage, but still are quite usable and in much better shape then the average new hubcap might be after a couple of long road trips.

This polished stainless steel hub cap is a dome shape that gives a vintage baby moon look.

It fits in place by snapping around the outside of 3 or 4 nubs on the wheel. It does not fit on wheels with spring clips riveted to the face of the wheel.

It fits our 6-bolt 15" rims with some effort. It may be a very tight fit in some cases. If it doesn't fit well for you, do not hammer the cap.

The cap does not fit any of our 5-bolt rims. Please take the time to verify the dimensions work on your rims. Price is for one hubcap.

Hubcap Dimensions:
  • Inner Flange Diameter = 10-3/16"
  • Overall Outer Diameter = 10-1/2"
  • For these hubcaps to fit, your wheels must have a nub diameter of approximately 10-3/8" to 10-1/2"
  • Overall Inside Height at Center = 3.25"

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