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Fan-Tastic: The Love Behind the Vent, An Intimate Memoir
Book: Fan-Tastic The Love Behind the Vent
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Product Code: VTS-067

by Penny Milks (former CEO of Fan-tastic Vent)

"Not just any love story; it is my love story. It may seem like an ordinary tale to most people. There is nothing earth-shattering about it, yet it shattered my earth.”

Milks details the lasting love affair that everyone said wouldn't last—the risks they both took and the payoff they finally realized when husband Steve's configuration for a better ventilation fan for recreational vehicles was, indeed, a winner.

In this poignant memoir, Penny reveals the intimate details of her life-long partnership with Steve Milks. From their modest beginnings, she chronicles the ups and downs of marriage and the meteoric rise of their business. Their love grew with the business they created, and Steve's ability to Think Big - along with Penny's innate business sense - turned out to be the perfect match to build an empire. But at the peak of their success, tragedy struck, and Penny would face the most brutal test of her courage as she confronted a loss she never imagined.

Penny reveals the landscape of her marriage in suspenseful, honest chapters that show the highs and lows of their career and their life together. This spirited, straightforward memoir illuminates the way Penny and Steve lived with each other, loved each other, and learned from each other.

Hardcover 308 pages
8.6 x 5.8
308 pages
black and white photography

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