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Rivet Set for 1/8" Brazier Head Rivets - Offset
Brazier Head Offset Rivet Set
Our Price: $11.99

Product Code: VTS-2336

Vintage Airstream shells were made with 1/8" brazier head rivets. This 3" offset rivet set is the correct shape and size for vintage Airstream rivets. It is used with both 1/8" brazier head rivets (AN4554) and our 5/32" modified brazier head rivets (AN4565).

Don't make the mistake of buying a regular set designed for universal head AN470 rivets. The shape is different and you will damage the head of the brazier head rivets while bucking. This set has a .401" shank.

This offset version is handy for getting around ribs and other obstructions. An investment you'll be glad you have if you are doing a lot of rivets.

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