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Nuvite Nushine II Polish - Grade F9 (Very Coarse)
Nuvite Grade F9 (Very Coarse)

F9 is the coarsest Nuvite grade normally used on vintage trailers. F9 is used where the surface has heavy oxidation, or has been damaged by corrosion, has pitting, or has been sanded or scratched by abrasive cloth. Many people like to start with F9 when they have heavily oxidized trailers.

It is always necessary to follow Grade F9 with Grade G6 or Grade C for further surface preparation prior to final finishing with Grade S.
Choose size below. 10-pound pails are a great buy if you are doing a few trailers.

Item# Item Name MSRP VTS Price Qty Add
VTS-900F9L 1-Pound Grade F9
(Out of Stock)
VTS-900F9M 1/2-Pound Grade F9
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VTS-900F9S 1/4-Pound Grade F9
VTS-900F9P 10-Pound Grade F9
(Out of Stock)
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