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RV Tracking Device
RV Tracking Device

Price: $199.00

Product Code: VTS-2259

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This RV tracking device is the perfect solution if you are looking for added security to protect your vintage trailer and the contents inside.

This model is for our USA customers and operates on the Verizon network. Operates from a 12V lithium ion internal battery pack that recharges from your trailer or tow vehicle battery and then stays charged for up to 6 months in storage mode.

Features include:
  • Waterproof case allows for mounting in areas that can get splashed.
  • Rugged case is durable for years of use.
  • Commercial grade components throughout.
  • Maintenance free rechargeable battery pack.
  • Over the air programming means you do not have to access the unit after being installed.
  • Motion sensor Geo-Fence programming allows you to receive notifications on your cell phone if the trailer leaves your desginated area.
  • Dimensions:are small at just 2.125 x 4.33 x 1.59 (53 x 110 x 40.4mm)
  • Weight: 12 oz. w/harness
  • You will need to purchase RV Locate service which includes activation and airtime on the Verizon network in order to start tracking your RV Tracking Device. (Plans start as low as $10 a month.)
Program reports as follows:
  • Every 5 minutes when in motion
  • Hourly when stationary
  • Once stationary for four hours it goes into storage mode, which reports its location once daily.
It has extremely sensitive motion sensors, so in the event it starts moving, it will start reporting every 5 minutes again, repeating the cycle above indefinittely.

So what happens if you move your trailer 6 feet in your garage or driveway? It has a 5 minute grace period to allow for relocation, wind, etc. It constantly checks its parameters when in motion but if it stops moving within the 5 minute grace period it will typically not report.

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