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Sealand Universal Mounting Kit
Sealand Adapter
Our Price: $15.00

Product Code: VTS-355


Most Sealand Traveler toilets bolt to the floor with 4 bolts. That keeps the toilet very steady and secure. However, most existing floor flanges are designed for only 2 bolts. This Sealand Universal Mounting Kit adapts your 2-bolt flange to a 4-bolt flange, making it possible to mount Sealand Traveler toilets on existing floor flanges without changing out your floor flange.

The kit includes a mounting adapter ring, a spacer trim ring to create a nice finished look, screws and complete instructions. The kit adds only about 3/8" to the finished toilet height, and the color-matched trim ring makes it all look good.

Of course, we do sell the 4-bolt flanges if are able to change out your flange so you don't have to use this kit. .

NOTE: This kit is not needed for the Traveler Lite high profile version, because that particular model uses a conventional two-bolt flange. It is required for all other Sealand toilets we sell if you are adapting a 2-bolt flange.

Dometic PN 385310139 and 385310140.

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