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Shasta Angled Window
Shasta Angled Window

Price: $160.00

Product Code: VTS-373

Curb Side
Road Side

This tempered parallelogram, fixed pane window was developed by Shasta and Hehr to install in the limited edition 2015 reissue of the 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailers. Their goal was to have a window that looked very similar to the original windows of the 1960s but that didn't leak like the old ones do.

The window they created is beautiful and we think it keeps the proper look. It is very similar to the original size and shape but not exactly the same. The corners have larger radiuses than the original so the mounting flange may not fully cover the scars left by the old. See dimensional photo for overall size.

Comes in curb side and drivers side configurations.

It fits a cutout approximately 18" high and 26" wide.

The front of the frame overlays the outside wall of the trailer and should be bed in butyl tape or Trempro 635 sealant. An interior trim ring screws in place and secures to the back side of the window frame.

Please do not order this window until you have discussed with us the general fit and installation.

Installation tips: There's a flange on the back side of the window. The sheet metal screws pass through the interior trim ring from the interior and bite into that flange on the back side of the window. They're probably #10 screws but you should measure diameter of holes to determine. The length of screws will be determined by the how thick the wall is. The tips of the screws will never be seen on the outside. Don't forget butyl putty tape or Trempro to bed window into on outside skin. Butyl tape is what Shasta used on their reissues but Trempro is an even better adhesive.

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