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Squeezer Tool Dies
Squeezer Tool Dies
These precision dies are used with our Rivet Hand Squeezer. The die you choose is dependent on the type of rivet you are setting. Generally any one-piece rivet can be installed with these dies. The most common one-piece rivets are solid "buck" rivets and tubular (or semi-tubular) rivets.

Please select the proper die for your application.
Used to squeeze buck and tubular rivets.

Item# Item Name Price Qty Add
VTS-689G Cupped Die for Oval or Truss Head of 1/8" Tubular Rivets
VTS-689F Roll Die for Tail End of 1/8" Tubular Rivets
(Out of Stock)
VTS-689D Cupped Die for Oval or Truss Head 5/32" Tubular Rivets
VTS-689C Roll Die for Tail End of 5/32" Tubular Rivets
VTS-689E Cupped Die for Universal Head 1/8" Solid Rivets
(Out of Stock)
VTS-689B Cupped Die for Brazier Head 1/8" Solid Rivets
VTS-689A Flush (Flat) Die for Tail End of All Solid Rivets
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