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LED Warm White 1076 Bulb 205 Lumens LED Warm White BA15S - 280 Lumens LED BA15S White Bulb - 210 Lumens 1383 Bulb Reading Light
#1383 12V Bulb
Price: $5.28
Compact warm white bulb. Very bright warm white interior bulb. Warm white. Glass dust cover over diodes. Great for many reading lights.
#1176 12V Bulbs - 10 Pack 12V Screw Bulbs 25W #1139 12V Bulbs - 2 Pack #1141 12V Bulbs - 10 Pack BA15S
12V Screw Base Bulbs 25W (2pk)
Our Price: $5.31 / 2 Bulbs
#1139 12V Bulbs - 2 Pack
Our Price: $3.99 / Pkg of 2
#1141 12V Bulbs - 10 Pack
Our Price: $5.99 / Box of 10
Economical bulk pack of bulbs for 1960s reading lights. For vintage 12V overhead light fixtures. Hard-to-find bulbs for interior lights. Used in vintage interior lights.
12V Screw Base Bulbs 50W 15W 12V Oven Light Bulb 12V Fluorescent Spiral Bulb 15W Porch Light Bulbs (2 Pack)
12V Screw Base Bulbs 50W(2pk)
Our Price: $6.09 / 2 Bulbs
For vintage 12V overhead light fixtures. Incadescent Screw Base Bulbs Brightness of a 60 watt bulb, but draws only 15 watts. Mini screw In base bulbs.
BAY15D Bulb Socket BA15S Bulb Socket BAY15D Socket with Bracket BA15S Socket with Bracket
BA15S Bulb Socket
Price: $2.99

Fits #1157 and other bulbs.

Fits #1156 and other bulbs. Fits #1157 and other bulbs. Fits #1156 and other bulbs.
Load Resistor (2 Pack)
Load Resistor
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