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Find Vintage Trailer Wheels and Hubcaps

If you’re a die-hard vintage trailer connoisseur, you know that getting that iconic throwback look for a trailer, RV or camper comes down to the details. One of the most iconic features of classic trailers are the wheels and hubcaps. Most of the well-known ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s trailers were made with parts and accessories that gave them a sleek, classic feel that fully embraced the modern curves of mid-century America. They were a symbol of the open road. Today, if you’re looking to spruce up your own trailer or replace original parts, you’ll be hard-pressed to locate any of those classic trailer hubcaps and wheels at your local tire shop. They’re just not easy to find. At Vintage Trailer Supply, we stock airstream hubcaps and vintage airstream wheels in our online store. You can find vintage wheels for trailers in several sizes, including 4-bolt, 5-bolt and 6-bolt wheels. You can also find vintage trailer hubcaps styles such as dome hubcaps, canned ham hubcap, cone hubcaps and more. Our products cover vintage trailers such as Foresters, Spartans, Winnebagos, Aristocrats and Avions, among others. Shop our huge selection of vintage trailer wheels and hubcaps today.

15" 6-Bolt Wheel 15" Trailer Wheel 16" Trailer Wheel 15" Trailer Wheel
Most common vintage trailer wheel. Used on some 1950s canned hams. For those big Spartans we all love! Narrower version of our 15" 6-lug.
15" Trailer Wheel 14" Trailer Wheel 13" Trailer Wheel 13" Vintage Wheel 13x4.5 4-Bolt on 9.44
A narrower version of our 15" 5-lug wheel. Fits late 1960s Airstream Caravels and other smaller trailers. Fits some vintage Bolers, Shastas and Bambis. 4-bolt star wheels are back!
14" Vintage Wheel 13x4.5 4-Bolt on 9.44 15" Vintage Wheel 13x4.5 4-Bolt on 9.44 15" Vintage Wheel 15x6 4-Bolt on 9.44 Vintage Trailer Hubcap
9-1/2" Dome Hubcap
Our Price: $17.99
4-bolt star wheels are back! 4-bolt star wheels are back! 4-bolt star wheels are back! Fits all our five-bolt wheels.
Vintage Trailer Dome Hubcap Canned Ham Hubcap Cone Hubcap 1940 Stainless Hub Cap
10-1/2" Dome Hubcap
Our Price: $19.99
Canned Ham Hubcap
Price: $29.99
Cone Hubcap
Our Price: $18.99
1940s Hub Cap
Price: $27.99
Fits all our six-bolt wheels. Very similar to the original Scotty and Shasta caps. Original for many 1960s trailers. For some wheels with "innie" nubs.
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