AC Circuit Breakers

¥2,832 - ¥3,462

AC Circuit Breakers

For your convenience, we offer twin breakers compatible with our Progressive Dynamics AC Panels. Although regular 1" wide breakers fit our AC panels, we prefer these twin breakers because they allow for more branch circuits on the panel. 

Twin breakers are simply 2 breakers in the space of one and operate exactly as a regular breaker. You'll see them in various combinations, like 20A/15A or 30A/20A. The designations simply describe how the breakers are paired. A 20A/15A twin contains one 20A breaker and one 15A breaker in the space of one regular size breaker.

Here's how twin breakers will help you in the three AC panels we sell:

  • Our PD4045 and PD4060 have room for four standard breakers, but is rated for up to 7 branch circuits. By using twin breakers, you have room for one 30A main and up to seven 15A or 20A branches.
  • Our PD4560 has eight standard breaker slots, but is rated for up to 12 branch circuits. By using twin breakers, you have room for one 50A main (which requires two slots) and up to twelve 15A or 20A branches (in the remaining 6 slots).

The installation guides for each AC panel will provide more detailed information. Those guides can be downloaded here:

NOTE: There are many ways to wire a recreational vehicle. Always consult with local codes to determine what size breakers you need for your wiring, load and load center.