Airbrite Aluminum Polish



Airbrite Aluminum Polish


Airbrite No.1 is a very coarse grade. It is used where the surface has heavy oxidation or has been damaged by corrosion, has pitting, or has been sanded or scratched by abrasive cloth. If your trailer is from the 1940s or 1950s or was never painted or plasticoated, you may need to start here.

Airbrite No.2 is a coarse grade. It is used to remove heavy oxidation and minor scratches or pits. For aluminum that was previously plasticoated, No.2 is the place to start. Clean all coatings, oils and waxes off the trailer before beginning.

Airbrite No.4 is a medium grade. It is used to remove light oxidation and and heal the polishing marks and swirls left by coarser grades. It is an appropriate prep stage for No.6.

Airbrite No.6 is a super fine, no-cut polish. It is the final step in the polishing system and brings out a spectacular, reflective shine. Always remove oxidation with a coarser grade first and prep for this final step with a medium grade like No.4.

All grades come in 1-pound jars. Polishing a mid-size trailer typically requires one jar of each grade. In cases of heavy oxidation or prevalent light corrosion, you may need a second jar of the first grade you use. In general, you will be applying the polish very sparingly so it goes a long way. We recommend you read our four page polishing article before beginning. Click here.

Silicone free and safe for aircraft. California compliant.

Airbrite aluminum polishes are aircraft grade and perfect for vintage Airstreams and other aluminum trailers. They have been carefully formulated to be used in a series to allow the user to create a mirror-like finish on aluminum.

We recommend you read our four page polishing article before beginning. Click here.