Airstream Window & Door Seal (Windows 1969-93 / Doors 1965-73)

CN$9.49 - CN$14.44

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Airstream Window & Door Seal (Windows 1969-93 / Doors 1965-73)

This gasket is used on metal framed Airstream windows from 1969 to the early 1990s.

It is also used by Airstream on main doors from 1965 to 1973.

The width of this gasket is 3/8" at the base. The base has a 3m peel and stick adhesive backing for quick installation. 

Install with the open side facing outward.

With our version, you do not need to buy adhesive! Our is backed with 3M 9448 pressure sensitive adhesive, making it very easy to apply to window frames. The pressure sensitive adhesive has a paper backing or liner that you peel off. It is quite normal that it will pucker and pull away while in storage. It will not cause adhesion issues for you. The adhesive does not dry out when exposed to the air. It begins to cure when it is pressed to a surface, gets dirty or gets wet. Just keep it clean, dry and at room temperature until you use it. When you use it, carefully press on the clean window and hold it for a few seconds.


Description Above Price
  • Easy Peel & Stick 3M Adhesive Backing
  • Quality EPDM Foam
  • Doors 1965-1973
  • Windows 1969-1993