Alumi-Pro Welding Kit

Alumi-Pro Welding Kit

Product Code: VTS-335


With these brazing rods, you can weld aluminum, galvanized, pot metal & zinc-based metals with only a propane torch, MAPP gas or acetylene. That's due to the low working temperature of only 732 degrees F, which is several hundred degrees below the melting point of aluminum.

No flux or fumes.

It works well for do-it-yourself repairs on cast or extruded aluminum used on vintage travel trailers. When you are finished, you'll have a repair that is stronger than the aluminum and even harder than mild steel.

We've seen it used on door hinges and to repair aluminum window frame corners, but it would work great on other hardware like marine propellers, engine castings, tools, and carburetor bowls.

Excellent corrosion resistance. Working thickness from 1/32" up to 3/8".