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Exterior Aluminum Sheeting for Vintage Trailers

Aluminum sheeting is a commonly used material on vintage trailers both inside and outside. Most modern trailers use fiberglass for their exterior, but vintage trailers often use aluminum sheeting because of its malleability and durability. It also provides that iconic stainless-steel look that so many of the classic trailers, campers and RVs had. Also called “siding,” there are a lot of different types of airstream aluminum sheeting you can use on your vintage trailer. Classic airstreams and Spartans most commonly use alclad aluminum sheeting, giving them their silver bullet look and making them extremely durable in different weather conditions. We also supply patterned aluminum sheeting and siding in various patterns, such as Lincaine, Union Jack and Cloverleaf, all in a powder-coated brass color finish. Aluminum sheeting for trailers needs to look great and be incredibly durable, so it’s important to shop for a quality siding. If you’re looking to replace existing parts or spruce up your old airstream, trailer or RV, buy aluminum sheeting with Vintage Trailer Supply.

Aluminum Sheet 2024-T3 .032 Alclad - 48" x 24" Clover Leaf Albras Aluminum Sheet 1' x 2' Lincaine Aluminum Sheet Brass Color 12" x 24"
Great for small patches in early aircraft-style travel trailers. Fancy sheets of clover leaf albras aluminum Fancy sheets of lincane albras aluminum
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