Bargman L-400 Torsion Spring Kit

Bargman L-400 Torsion Spring Kit

Product Code: VTS-1061


L-400 locks are used on many brands of vintage trailers. Avion, Burro, U-Haul, Yellowstone, and many others. 

If you have a weak, rusty, or broken spring under a factory night latch, this kit will restore the funcationality.

The kit includes a new torsion spring plus stainless screw, washer, and lock nut.

The spring is held in place by a rivet. You will need to grind it off flat and then drilll a hole for the included screw.  VERY IMPORTANT: Be careful to only grind the sall top rivet off.  Don't grind the larger diameter area under it that the night latch hole fits around. You can tap the hole to 8-32 to accept the srew, but that is not nece with the lock nut on the back. 

The spring is made by hand in small quantitites in the United States.