BLEM Aluminum Cover for Atwood 6-Gallon Water Heater Doors

BLEM Aluminum Cover for Atwood 6-Gallon Water Heater Doors

Product Code: VTX-1078


These  covers are second quality.  They have blemishes in the forms of scratches or slight imperfections.  If you don't mind a little extra time sanding and polishing, these can look as good as our first quality covers, VTS-1078.4


This aluminum skin is used to quickly and affordably turn any hinged steel Atwood 6-gallon water heater door into a matching door that better blends with aluminum skin trailers like Airstreams. Instead of replacing your door, this is a skin that covers it.  You can polish it if you like, or just install with the mill finish as it is.

The dimensions are 19" wide and 15" wide. 

To install, simply peel the liner off the tenacious 3M VHB (very high bond) tape on  the back side and stick the aluminum skin to your existing painted steel door.  It does not take the place of the door, but rather covers it elegantly. 

You will reuse your grill from your painted steel door. Remove it from the steel door and insert it in the 7-15/16" x 5-3/16" opening.


We have a limited supply of these and will not be making more.


Installation advice:  With VHB tape, you get one chance to align the new cover correctly.  The tape is not reversible. Take the time to remove your original painted door from the water heater and do this work on a bench.  Clean the door thoroughly before adhering the new skin.