BLEM Flat Replacement Lid for Fan-Tastic Vents

BLEM Flat Replacement Lid for Fan-Tastic Vents

Product Code: VTX-2150C



This lid has some scuffing and cosmetic blemishes so we are offering it at a great 50% discount off the regular price. We only have one of these blemished clear vent covers in stock at this time. See photos for details. These flat lids are specifically to replace lost or broken lids on Fan-Tastic brand fans with pancake style flat motors. If your original lid is a dome shape, you should be very careful to make sure the motor inside allows a flat lid to fit.

Overall dimension are approximately 15" x 15" with an inside clearance of about 14-3/4". Lid is approximately 1-1/4" deep. The sturdy aluminum hinge is 9-1/2" wide and secured to the lid with four rivets. Four screws (not included) are used to attach the hinge to the fan body.