Botanical Rodent Repellent 4-Pack

Botanical Rodent Repellent 4-Pack

Product Code: VTS-307


Don't laugh... old trailers are plagued by rodents. We hear stories almost every day. If you've never looked inside the walls of your trailer, you may not know the extent of it.

This stuff really works. Earthkind Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent effectively repels rodents for up to 3 months with a woodsy scent that you'll find refreshing, but they'll find extremely offensive. Safe around kids and pets. Environmentally-friendly, 98% biodegradable.

  • More effective than poisons
  • All natural
  • Non toxic
  • Safe around humans and pets
  • Keeps mice out
  • Only EPA evaluated and approved botanical repellent for indoor use
  • Freshens the air while it protects

In addition to your trailer, this stuff works great in garages, sheds, barns, pantries, cabins, boats and dog kennels.

10 oz. box. 1 box contains 4 pouches.

Tips for Success

Fresh Cab works by covering up the scent trails that mice leave behind. Since mice have very poor eye sight they rely mainly on their sense of smell. When they enter an area where Fresh Cab is placed, the lack of familiarity of the area is what causes them to leave the area. Since mice are creatures of habit, they commonly revisit the areas where they have been prior. During this time, it is possible to still see droppings and/or other signs (chewing) of the rodents as they revisit the area. If the scent has diminished from the pouch, it does have the potential to become a source of food/bedding as the product is made up of corn cob chips and essential oils.

It is very important that enough pouches are used in the area that are prone to mice. We recommend 1 pouch per 8 square feet if you know mice are present and 1 pouch per 125 square feet for preventative purposes once the mice have left. You certainly cannot use too many pouches. If you really want to overwhelm them and drive them out you could even double up on the pouches.

It is suggested that the pouches remain in the area for at least 10 days and that baits, traps, or poisons are not used alongside Fresh Cab since the two products work against each other. Fresh Cab repels mice and baits or poisons invite them to come back. Once there are no evidence of rodents, many of our customers continue to use Fresh Cab to prevent any further infestations.