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Cast Water Fill Neck & Cap Fresh Water Hose Connector 90 Degree Elbow With Gripper Gravity Water Fill Marine Style Water Fill

Great 1960s era fill neck and cap.

Make fresh water fill ups a breeze!

Like those found on many 1960-70s canned hams. Stainless steel flush-to-the-side gravity fill.
Stainless Fresh Water Inlet Cast Water Fill Cap Chrome City Water Inlet City Water Intake
Marine-grade water inlet. 1960s era water fill cap. Recessed hose attchment. For city water pressure.
City Water Intake Metal Recessed Backflow Preventor Corrugated Fill Hose 1-1/4" ID Fill Hose
Corrugated Fill Hose
Price: $1.79 / foot
1-1/4" ID Fill Hose
Our Price: $1.79 / Foot
Recessed hose attachment. Allows water to flow in only one direction. Connects gravity fill to fresh water tank. Fits on 1-1/4" boss but not 1-1/4" barb.
Fill Hose to Tank Adapter 1/2" MPT Adapter 1/2" MPT Adapter Vinyl Fill Hose
Tubing Adapter to 3/8" MPT
Starting At: $0.99
Vinyl Fill Hose
Starting At: $1.76 / Foot
For fresh water fill hook up. Connect PVC hose to your tank. Connect PVC hose to any 3/8" threaded opoening. Easy fresh tank connections.
Round Plastic Gravity Fill
Special Order Item
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