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Acuva Eco Water Purification System Cast Water Fill Neck & Cap Fresh Water Hose Connector 90 Degree Elbow With Gripper Gravity Water Fill
An easy way to always have fresh water for your trailer!

Great 1960s era fill neck and cap.

Make fresh water fill ups a breeze!

Like those found on many 1960-70s canned hams.
Marine Style Water Fill Stainless Fresh Water Inlet Cast Water Fill Cap Chrome City Water Inlet
Stainless steel flush-to-the-side gravity fill. Marine-grade water inlet. 1960s era water fill cap. Recessed hose attchment.
City Water Intake City Water Intake Metal Recessed Backflow Preventor Corrugated Fill Hose
Backflow Preventor
Price: $10.69
Corrugated Fill Hose
Price: $1.79 / foot
For city water pressure. Recessed hose attachment. Allows water to flow in only one direction. Connects gravity fill to fresh water tank.
Fill Hose to Tank Adapter 1/2" MPT Adapter 1/2" MPT Adapter Vinyl Fill Hose
Tubing Adapter to 3/8" MPT
Starting At: $0.99
Vinyl Fill Hose
Starting At: $1.76 / Foot
For fresh water fill hook up. Connect PVC hose to your tank. Connect PVC hose to any 3/8" threaded opoening. Easy fresh tank connections.
Round Plastic Gravity Fill
Special Order Item
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