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Valterra Valve - Aluminum Handle Valterra Valve Extension Valterra Valve Flange with Hub Valterra 3"  Spigot x Valve Flange
Valterra Valve Extension
Starting At: $6.99
Replace that Valterra Valve Add extra length to your Valterra valve handle. Hub for Valterra valves. Spigot for Valterra valves.
Valterra Male Thread Flange Valterra 3" Female Thread 3" Bayonet Valve Flange Valterra Collector with Hub
Valterra Collector
Starting At: $12.99
Valterra Male Thread Flange Valterra T1007 Attach your drain hose or cap to your valve. Best sanitary tee if you do not have a gray water tank.
Valterra 3" Reducing Tee Bend Collector with Hub Outlet Bend Collector with Bayonet Outlet Valterra Garden Hose Adapter
Convenient tee for valving both gray and black water. Good fitting for making a horizontal run before the dump valve. Good fitting if your dump valve exits on the side of the trailer. For draining gray tanks.
Vented Valve Cap Valterra Old Style Metal Handle (Only) Valterra Valve Extension Handle Kit Valterra Bayonet
Vented Valve Cap
Price: $5.99
Valterra Bayonet
Price: $3.95
Use this cap when you are storing your trailer. Nice old style replacement handle for your Valterra valve. Easily extend any Valterra valve handle. Valterra bayonet for 3" spigot or hub
Double Sanitary Tee Street Reducing 3" x 3" x 2" x 2" Valterra 90º Ell Spigot Outlet, 3" Valterra 90º Ell Collector Bayonet Outlet, 3" Valterra Double Sanitary Reducing Tee
3" Hub x 3" Spigot x 2" Hubs Bring black and gray waste together. It all comes together for an easy hose outlet. Valterra Sanitary Reducing Tee - 3"
Waste Valve Adapter for Early 1960s Airstreams RhinoFLEX Swivel Sewer Hose Sanitary Tee - Street Reducing 3" x 3"
Solves a big problem for 1960 thru 1964 Airstream owners. High quality sewer hose for modern bayonet fittings.
Sanitary Tee with straight bottom. Available in 2" or 1-1/2" side hubs.
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