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From time to time we come across one or two odd items that you might need. This is where those items will be listed. These are not in our normal inventory. Please call for details, however we will not be able to provide photos of these items. Please check back often because items will come and go from this list frequently. All items are designated as one of the following:

  • NEW having never been in service and should look fresh out of the package. May be an unused customer return.
  • NOS which means "new old stock" and indicates an item that has never been in service but may have shelf wear.
  • REFURB which means that the product has been rebuilt to new function but may have cosmetic blemishes.
  • BLEM means a new part with a minor blemish but otherwise usable as is.
  • USED with visible wear. May need reconditioning. See notes and conditions on the item.

Our normal return policy applies to all items we sell.

POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint Gas Ball Valve 3/8" Flare x 3/8" Flare POR-15 Chassis Coat Black Topcoat
A permanent solution for rusty trailers. A permanent solution for rusty trailers. Hard-to-find flare x flare gas valve. The best topcoat for POR-15.
BLEM POR-15 Cleaner Degreaser - Gallon Vintage Trailer Hubcap BLEM 10-1/2" Dome Hubcap BLEM Cone Hubcap
BLEM 9-1/2" Dome Hubcap
Starting at Just: $7.49
BLEM 10-1/2" Dome Hubcap
Starting At: $9.99
BLEM Cone Hubcap
Starting At: $8.49
The first step in the POR-15 sytem.  Cleans and degreases the surface to be painted. Blemished hubcap at a great price! Fits all our six-bolt wheels. Original for many 1960s trailers.
1940 Stainless Hub Cap Mid '70's-Today Airstream Main Door Seal
BLEM 1940s Hub Cap
Starting at Just: $10.99
For some wheels with "innie" nubs.

self adhesive door seal for mid '70's Airstreams

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