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LED Warm White 1076 Bulb 205 Lumens LED Warm White BA15S - 280 Lumens LED Warm White 1141 Bulb 260 Lumens LED BA15S White Bulb - 210 Lumens
Compact warm white bulb. Very bright warm white interior bulb. Bright warm white interior bulb. Warm white. Glass dust cover over diodes.
1383 Bulb Reading Light #1176 12V Bulbs - 10 Pack 12V Screw Bulbs 25W #1139 12V Bulbs - 2 Pack
#1383 12V Bulb
Price: $5.28
12V Screw Base Bulbs 25W (2pk)
Our Price: $5.31 / 2 Bulbs
#1139 12V Bulbs - 2 Pack
Our Price: $3.99 / Pkg of 2
Great for many reading lights.
Economical bulk pack of bulbs for 1960s reading lights. For vintage 12V overhead light fixtures. Hard-to-find bulbs for interior lights.
#1141 12V Bulbs - 10 Pack BA15S 12V Screw Base Bulbs 50W 15W 12V Oven Light Bulb 12V Fluorescent Spiral Bulb 15W
#1141 12V Bulbs - 10 Pack
Our Price: $5.99 / Box of 10
12V Screw Base Bulbs 50W(2pk)
Our Price: $5.46 / 2 Bulbs
Used in vintage interior lights. For vintage 12V overhead light fixtures. Incadescent Screw Base Bulbs Brightness of a 60 watt bulb, but draws only 15 watts.
Porch Light Bulbs (2 Pack) BA15S Bulb Socket BAY15D Socket with Bracket BA15S Socket with Bracket
BA15S Bulb Socket
Price: $2.99
Mini screw In base bulbs. Fits #1156 and other bulbs. Fits #1157 and other bulbs. Fits #1156 and other bulbs.
Load Resistor (2 Pack)
Load Resistor
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