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Trailer Polishing Kit DeWalt DWP849 Polisher Polishing Backing Plate Wood Compounding Polishing Pads
7.5" Velcro Backing Plate
Our Price: $18.99
7.5" Polishing Pads
Starting at: $26.97 / 3Pk
All the tools you need to do Steps 1 and 2 of the normal polishing process. A great Rotary Polisher! A perfect fit for our polishing pads. Polishing pads for removing oxidation from aluminum.
Pad Cleaning Powder Pad Spur Backing Plate Drill Adapter System 2000 Padwasher
Pad Cleaning Powder
Starting at: $2.99
Buffing Pad Spur
Our Price: $8.45
The best stuff for cleaning your polishing pads. Fluffs wool buffing pads to prolong the life of the pad. For using a backing plate with a power drill. Cleans and conditions wool pads in under thirty seconds.
9 Foot 600V Replacement Power Cord for Dewalt Polishers Power Cord Strain Relief for DeWalt Polishers System 3000 Padwasher System 3000D Deluxe Padwasher
Replacement Cord for Dewalt Polishers power cord strain relief for Dewalt polishers Cleans and condition wool pads Cleans and condition wool pads
Dewalt Polisher Motor Brushes
Replace those worn out polisher motor brushes.
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