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Art Deco Pinch Catch Embossed Pinch Latch Push Button Latch Rooster Catch
Embossed Pinch Latch
Our Price: $6.99
Rooster Catch
Our Price: $2.85
Authentic mid-century cabinet catch. Authentic mid-century cabinet catch. High quality simple cabinet latch. For overhead and base cabinets.
Overhead Cabinet Latch: Airstream Rooster Catch - Heavy Duty Stainless Cricket Latch Dual Roller Catch
Dual Roller Catch
Price: $3.79
For late 1960s Airstreams. A beefier cast version of the vintage elbow catch. Used on our reproduction stone guards.  Many other uses. Roller Catch
Airstream Cabinet Catch Assembly Brown Airstream Striker for 1975-79 Cabinet Latch Airstream Finger Pull Airstream Cabinet Latch Brown (1971-74)
Used from 1975 to 1983. Quick repair for broken cabinet hardware. Airstream Finger Pull Brown Cabinet Latch
Plastic Airstream Cabinet Latch (1967-70) 682562
NOS Brown Cabinet Latch
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