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3" ABS Recessed FPT Holding Tank Fitting 1-1/2" Recessed Hub ABS Fitting 1-1/2" Protruding Hub ABS Fitting Spin Weld Fittings
Great way to mount a toilet floor flange on your black tank. For installing vents in ABS holding tanks. For installing drains in ABS gray tanks. For professional installation only.
3" ABS Spigot Holding Tank Fitting ABS Regrind Spin Weld Driver Tool Grommet for Polyethylene Tanks
ABS Regrind (4oz)
Price: $5.00
Rubber Tank Grommets
Starting At: $4.99
Outlet or inlet for ABS black tanks. Attaches fittings to ABS tanks. Do what the pros do and install your own fittings! Easily add pipes to polyethylene pipes.
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