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Winegard Rayzar Amplified Antenna Winegard Rayzar Air Amplified HD Antenna Winegard Rayzar Air Retrofit HD Antenna Black Furrion Cable TV Inlet - Stainless Steel
Portable HD antenna with advanced low noise amplifier for twice the range. Rayzar Air Antenna Rayzar Air Retrofit Kit Finally, a great-looking data/cable/satellite inlet!
Furrion TV Inlet  Plastic Furrion Cable TV Miniature Inlet CB Antenna Ball Mount Anti-Interference TV Cable
Furrion SignalSmart TV Cable
Starting at: $29.99
Great way to connect a portable satellite dish. 2" version of a coax inlet. Best quality CB mount available. Anti-interference TV cable for portable satellite or campground television service.
UHF Cap and Chain Coax Thru Plate Cable Outlet UHF Double Female Bulkhead Connector
UHF Cap and Chain
Our Price: $4.89
Coax Thru Plate
Price: $8.99
Cable Outlet
Our Price: $3.96
Chrome plated brass cable cap for full size UHF connection.  Does not fit mini UHF. Make an easy weatherproof cable connection. Watertight cable passage. Pass a cable through a trailer wall.
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